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Welcome to Amsterdam

Amsterdam is a beautiful place to live. But after relocating, as an expat family it may take some time getting adjusted to life in this new city. This is why we founded Amsterdam Family Assistance. We help expat families to find their grounds as quickly as possible, so they can start to enjoy all that Amsterdam has to offer.

Moving to a different country with children can be challenging.

Realizing the unique difficulties faced by the families who are removed from friends, families and work. These are essential support structures that we rely on to construct our self identity.

Like their parents, kids will have questions and fears. Amsterdam Family Assistance helps them with understanding reasons of moving and explaining how their life will look like in new country can help them a lot with transition process and to let them know they are not alone. We will assist the whole family in finding friends who are in the same situation, getting to know the Dutch culture and building new relationships

Amsterdam Family Assistance offers customized solutions by giving expats access to their own personal Dutch ambassador, available to their whole family 24/7 to answer any question - big or small. We help them find an Amsterdam community where they belong to, based on each family member's personal interest, and provide them with guidance so they will feel happy and confident to navigate their new city and the Amsterdam way of life. Our hands-on and personal approach will enable employees to be convinced about their decision to move to our great city, and as such can focus fully on their job.

We love Amsterdam and with Amsterdam Family Assistance your family will too!

If there is anything we can do for you or your family, please don't hesitate to contact us.


Questions you might have....

After helping many expat families over the last couple of years. We have noticed there are a few questions every family seems to ask....

Let Amsterdam Family Assistance help you with finding your customized answers!



How do I connect with other Expats parents?
Where do I go to meet people with a common interest?


Where do I find culinary products from my home country?
Is there a cheaper way to import certain products?


Where can I find a good family doctor? 
How do I get information on over the counter medication?


How does the Dutch educational system work?
Did I choose the right school environment for my child?


Where are the best indoor playgrounds?
Which rain suits are the best for kids?


Is there a place where I can get all my shopping done in one go?
Are there any Shopping malls that offer free parking?


Where can I find a reliable babysitter?
I'm pregnant, where can get help making a Birthing plan?


What's the safest route for us to cycle to school?
Where do I go to refresh my cycling skills?

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